Typographic design is normally for the static plane media. In this project I try to add a new dimension – time to make words own life. To achieve that, I used Processing to give the words random parameters.


Inspired by the idea of Techno-Taoism advanced by Michael R. Heim, I realize that human as natural biology will inevitably fall into the abuse of digital technology. In this series called “endings”, I try to describe an intentional balance between the natural and the artificial to face the mentioned problem by the software Processing. “endings” is a series of abstract digital works of art which are based on trees and the form is inspired by “mandala” – the common symbol in India art and books about philosophy and religion.



This device aims to solve the problem of the coming VR world about how to move. In the computer age, Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart created mouse to control the computer, but now, it is no doubt that mouse can’t act the same important role in VR. This device is called 6 degree controller which need people’s inclination of the top half of the body to control.



Bystander aims to create an amazing and immersive experience, and try to express a social phenomenon that bystanders are always gazing at you but doing nothing. Everyone is a bystander and no one is innocent.


This interactive poster is for Brussels&Shanghai Cultural Week. The project aims to show the details of normal life in Shanghai. In addtion, Shanghai is a city both historical and modern. So I use AR technolgy to show both sides. This poster is designed as an old poster but with modern illusration style. Viewers can use a device with my app to scan the poster and find the daily life of normal people in detial – just like to find the joy of living.