Tongzhou Yu


I’m a 27 years old Multimedia&Graphic Designer / Digital Director born in Shanghai and based on London.

Personal Statement

Tongzhou Yu, born and raised in Shanghai, bounded in strict but orderly education in China, France and UK, resulting in an aesthetic of integrating art with technology.


2017.9 – / MA, Digital Direction, Royal College of Art
2014.9 – 2017.6 / MA, Comprehensive Design, China Academy of Art
2015.9 – 2016.1 / Multimedia&Graphic Design, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs
2010.9 – 2014.6 / BA, Electrical engineering and automation, Shanghai Institute of Technology


2018.12 / A Sustainable Future, London
2018.6 / Sonar360º, Barcelona
2018.5 / 12th FullDome Festival, Jena, German
2018.5 / RCA Exploded Stories, Royal College of Art, Garden House, Dorando Close, London
2017.12 / RCA Exploded Screen presents: XPLD’, The Silver Building, London
2017.7 / “创意上海”主题海报展 CREATIVE SHANGHAI Exhibition, 布鲁塞尔中国文化中心, Shanghai
2016.12 / “科艺融合”研究生导学案例, 中国美术学院 China Academy of Art, Hangzhou


2016.10 / 浅析基于虚拟现实的超展览概念——以加利西亚数字展为例, 2016国际华文设计研讨会暨第五届跨界综合设计教育高层论坛论文集
2016.10 / “C’est comme ca”,就是这样!, 新民晚报

Public Speech

2016.3 / “域外艺履”第二期研究生学术沙龙


2015.10 / 俞众不同

Contact me

If you want to discuss about the hybrid of the foremost technology with design&art , ask questions, hire me for your project, or just share something cool you found, please contact me from the form below.