Part1 – Quick note – How Do You Make Music a Body without Organs? Gilles Deleuze and Experimental Electronica by Christoph Cox

  • BwO = a body’s virtual field
  • events + becoming = being
  • experience + sign&symbols = emotion = symboled affect

So long as we think of the body as a given functional form, says Deleuze alluding to Spinoza, we will not know what a body can do, what it is capable of.


To become a BwO is to destratify the body, to reconnect it with the intensive, impersonal, transhuman matter that composes and surrounds it, to open it up to new connections and assemblages, to explore the innumerable things it can do beyond the restricted set of habitual actions that characterize the organ-ized body.


When one does this, one transforms the body from a given entity with a specified functionality and 3 direction of activity to a construction site of exploration and connection. One no longer actualizes merely the specific set of affects that constitute, for example, Man as a normal, rational, heterosexual, productive human being but the entire (or, at least a larger) range of affects of which this body is capable.

当我们这样去作,我们就能够将身体从一个有着确定的功能和活动方向的既定整体转化到一个允许探索和联结的场所。我们将不再局限于仅仅实现某一套特定的被具体化的感动(比如那些将人构造成正常、理性、异性 、有生产力的人的情感),而是能够实现整个(或者至少是更大的)一套身体能够具备的未知感动。

Part2 – Feeling – How Do You Make Music a Body Without Organs? – by Christoph Cox

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Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology.